Happy National Mar10 Day -Celebrite The Iconic Plumber

March 10, 2024, marks the eighth official year Nintendo celebrates National Mar10 Day (or National Mario Day). Retail Mashup explores this phenomenon, the Super Mario brand and this occasion is a great customer experience trend other brands should explore.

What Is National Mar10 Day?

March 10th brings a day of joy for gamers worldwide – National Mario Day! This unofficial, yet widely celebrated holiday, is a vibrant tribute to the red-capped plumber and the sprawling universe of Super Mario. But how did this playful date come to be, and how do fans and brands join the festivities?

The origin story of National Mar10 Day or National Mario Day, is a charmingly simple concept. The date, March 10th, written as “Mar10,” bears an uncanny resemblance to the name “Mario.” This clever alignment sparked a fan-led celebration, with gamers expressing their love for the iconic character and the immersive world of Mario games. While the exact year it began is unknown, this unofficial holiday has been gaining momentum for over a decade.

Nintendo, the powerhouse behind the Super Mario franchise, unofficially tweeted through its UK account in 2015 about #MarioDay. Nintendo of America also posted a tweet on its official Twitter account where the company wished the YouTube channel, Smosh Games, a Happy Mario Day and asked the channel what was its favorite moment in a Super Mario game.

Nintendo UK posted the first #MarioDay post in 2015. The brand officially initiated a celebration in 2016 with National Mar10 Day. (Source: X formerly Twitter)

The game console brand officially embraced National Mar10 Day in 2016. This marked a turning point, transforming the fan-driven celebration into a global phenomenon.

Since then, Nintendo has actively participated, creating exciting ways to engage fans:

Deals and Discounts: National Mar10 Day becomes a shopper’s paradise! Nintendo offers significant discounts on classic and newly released Mario games across various platforms. This is a golden opportunity for gamers to expand their Mario collection or introduce newcomers to the franchise.

Themed Events: Nintendo has hosted special Mario-themed events at their retail stores and gaming conventions. These events can include meet-and-greets with costumed characters, exciting tournaments, and exclusive merchandise.

Social Media Buzz: Get ready for a flood of red and blue! On National Mar10 Day, Nintendo’s social media channels transform into a vibrant hub for Mario appreciation. Expect exciting announcements, nostalgic throwback posts, and fan-generated content contests.

National Mar10 Day 2024 (Source: YouTube Nintendo Channel)

Beyond Nintendo, other brands have also jumped on the National Mar10 Day bandwagon, recognizing the immense popularity of the franchise. Here are some ways different brands celebrate:

Fast-Food Chains:

McDonald’s: In 2020, McDonald’s Japan launched a Happy Meal campaign featuring limited-edition Mario toys. These included iconic characters like Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach, alongside collectible figurines and activity sheets.

Burger King: In 2021, Burger King offered a unique National Mario Day promotion in select regions. Customers purchasing specific menu items received limited-edition Mario-themed cups and crowns, adding a fun twist to their dining experience.

Clothing Brands:

Uniqlo: This Japanese clothing brand has collaborated with Nintendo on several occasions, releasing limited-edition Mario-themed clothing lines. These collections often feature graphic tees, hoodies, and accessories showcasing popular characters and game elements.

Levi’s: The iconic denim brand partnered with Nintendo in 2020 to launch a limited-edition clothing line celebrating the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. The collection featured jeans, jackets, and t-shirts adorned with classic Mario graphics, appealing to fans of all ages.


Lego: The toy company and Nintendo partnered in 2020 and launched a very successful line of building sets that centered on the Super Mario theme. For 2024, For center piece would be a Mario Kart-inspired set to be released in August 2024.

National Mar10 Day presents a golden opportunity for brands to go beyond simple discounts and merchandise and create engaging customer experiences that build lasting connections.

Here are some creative ideas to consider:

Interactive Campaigns:

Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences: Brands can leverage AR technology to create interactive experiences for customers. Imagine using your phone to scan a special Mario-themed product and unlock a mini-game, a virtual character interaction, or even a chance to win exclusive prizes.

Social Media Contests: Encourage user-generated content by hosting fun contests on social media. This could involve fans sharing their favorite Mario memories, creating Mario-themed artwork, or participating in cosplay challenges. The winning entries could be featured on the brand’s channels, adding a layer of interaction and recognition for fans.

Livestream Events: Partner with popular gaming influencers or streamers to host live Mario gameplay sessions on National Mario Day. This creates a fun and interactive experience for viewers, who can participate in chats, ask questions, and even compete in friendly challenges.

Experiential Marketing:

Pop-up Events: Create a buzz with pop-up events themed around iconic Mario locations like Warp Pipes or the Mushroom Kingdom as part of the celebration with Universal Studio Theme Park. These events could feature interactive games, photo booths with Mario backdrops, and exclusive merchandise sales, offering a memorable on-site experience for fans.

Themed Scavenger Hunts: Organize scavenger hunts across physical stores or even virtually. Customers can use clues and riddles tied to Mario characters and locations to find hidden items or unlock special offers.

Rewarding Customer Engagement:

Loyalty Programs: Integrate National Mar10 Day into your loyalty program (e.g., Lego Insiders earn 2x points by purchasing Super Mario for a limited time). Customers who purchase Mario-themed items or participate in interactive experiences can earn extra points or rewards, incentivizing continued engagement with the brand.

Personalized Experiences: Utilize customer data to personalize National Mario Day experiences. This could involve sending out customized greetings based on favorite Mario characters or offering targeted discounts on preferred Mario games.

Community Building:

Charitable Partnerships: Partner with a charity and donate a portion of proceeds from National Mario Day sales to a cause aligned with Mario’s values, such as environmental protection or supporting children’s hospitals. This adds a feel-good element to the celebration while giving back to the community.

Fan Art Galleries: Create online or in-store galleries showcasing fan art inspired by Super Mario. This celebrates the creativity of the fanbase and fosters a sense of community among Mario enthusiasts.

By incorporating these customer-centric ideas, brands can transform National Mar10 Day from a single sales event into a memorable experience that strengthens customer relationships and builds brand loyalty. Remember, it’s all about creating fun, engaging experiences that celebrate the shared love for the iconic plumber and his enduring legacy.

While it may have started as a simple concept, Nintendo, Lego, and other brands were able to capitalize the random March 10 date and turn it into a major cultural celebration. Other brands could take note and see how they can expand their reach and exposure with their audience.

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